Meeting Trainer and Assessor Requirements

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.”     John Ruskin


ASQA puts all the efforts and the conditions to make sure that the quality of the education provided in VET sector is not at all compromised. One of the steps ASQA has identified is the ‘Need of qualified trainers and assessors to deliver training’.

Clauses 1.13-1.16 in Chapter 4 of Standards for RTOs focus on the requirements for an individual to be able to train and assess in VET sector.

ASQA has given clear guidelines that all the RTOs must make sure that the trainers and assessors they employ should hold the vocational competencies, at least upto the level of the product delivering, Certificate IV in TAE and industry skills relevant to the field.

As they say, “When learning and teaching continually improves, everything improves.” Therefore, the trainers and assessors are also required to continually improve by upgrading their industry skills and keeping the vocational competencies current and up to date. It would ensure that the resources or the training provided is consistent with the rapidly changing industry needs and the students are ready to adapt and work in the actual workplace easily after finishing their courses.

Regular industry engagement and professional developments are strongly recommended by ASQA to maintain trainer’s currency. Effective professional development also helps trainers and assessors to develop or upgrade the knowledge and skills they need to address students’ learning challenges.

RTOs need to make sure that they are employing a well-qualified trainer or assessor and the quality of the education is not compromised. RTOs must verify and retain the evidence pertaining to trainers’ skills and competencies produced by them at the time of interview. They are also required to maintain the record of professional developments undertaken by their existing and new trainers to demonstrate trainers’ currency.

To conclude, a joint and responsible action by RTOs and trainers could enable students to enjoy learning and getting trained by qualified trainers and assessors and pave their way to be competent in industrial sector.

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