Problem Solving

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein
Many inter-personal relationships and businesses fail due to poor problem-solving skills. The most important element of problem solving is understanding the underlying issues of the problem. The focus must be on the problem and not the symptoms.
Having great problem-solving skills always pays off to tackle real-world problems. It would be great if we could solve the problems efficiently and well in time, without a great deal of difficulty. Though there is no one way to solve the problems but with good management skills like planning and structuring, the outcomes could really be great.
Five main steps in problem-solving process are:

  • Identifying the problem
  • Defining the problem
  • Evaluating possible solutions
  • Decision making
  • Implementing and reviewing the outcomes.

To be a good problem solver, one must be analytical, creative, logical, flexible and open minded to adapt new ways of doing things. Above all, keeping a positive and open mind-set helps in moving forward towards the solution.
It helps to generate more alternatives. But remember that it’s a lethal to jump to a conclusion at the first place. Evaluate alternatives logically for a sustainable solution.
Problem-solving skills can be enhanced by practice and experience. First, we need to focus on solutions and not the problem. To solve a problem successfully, we must work collaboratively within a team, communicate well, persuade or be willing to negotiate with others. Emotional intelligence also plays a vital role in the process. When many people are involved in a process, one must be empathetic and should not be judgemental. As a matter of fact, decision making is quite complex part of problem-solving.
There can be several seen and unforeseen obstacles and challenges while solving a problem. However, systematic approach and experience can help an individual to make better decisions and master the art of problem-solving.
For CIC Academy
Rimpika Kumar
English language trainer and assessor

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